What is the best car insurance for me?

    The Insurance Company that gives you the best rate

Every insurance company is required to file their underwriting standards and rates. So, they utilize numerous factors to determine their “risk” and to set rates based upon such risk.

Including such things as:

  • Geographic location
  • Age of driver(s)
  • Education of driver(s)
  • Distance of normal commute
  • Type of job
  • Credit rating
  • Traffic record
  • History of at-fault accidents
  • And any other factor that a particular insurance company feels is relevant to their risk.

    Weighs Risks Differently

    Once the clients are evaluated based upon each person's risk, then is put in the same “box” as other people with the same factors, and each person in that box must be charged exactly the same. This results in a computer generated rate which is not subject to individual adjustment.

    Each insurance company weighs risks differently, and as such a person’s comparable rates may depend on their particular insurance company. Such underwriting standards and rates are filed with the Maryland Insurance Administration and must be uniformly applied.

    Because each insurance company utilizes different factors and accords different weight regarding the risk of such factors, it makes sense (cents) to shop around to determine the best rates for your particular situation. One insurance company may charge more for less experienced drivers, while another may charge more for the type of car you drive.

    Quality of Service

    Regardless of what insurance company you select, the quality of service you receive depends to a large extent on the claims adjuster who happens to be assigned to your claim. Good hands, good neighbors, geckos, and red umbrellas are poor substitutes for cash in your pocket. For what it’s worth, after 40 years of dealing with insurance companies on behalf of our clients, the only factor we find to be relevant in purchasing motor vehicle insurance is the cost.

    What we recommend

    We recommend shopping insurance rates on a yearly basis as insurance companies continually change their prices. There are many resources available that will compare and contrast insurance coverages and rates to make sure you get the best deal.